Seven Sundays Guide to Soaking your Muesli

Seven Sundays Guide to Soaking your Muesli

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When you find that breakfast that is perfect enough for every day because it a) tastes so darn good and b) is a nutritional goldmineit’s pretty tough to get it off your mind. Welcome to our everyday breakfast routine: overnight muesli. Think of it as a cold, amped up oatmeal, or "overnight oats" as it’s called in some circles.

A Moment on the Functionality of Overnight Muesli

The simple practice of soaking grains allows the organisms and enzymes to break down within the grain and start to neutralize the phytic acid. Phytic acid is found within the hulls of nuts, seeds, and grains (things that our muesli is chalk-full of) and can be tough for your body to fully digest. By soaking your muesli in a dairy milk, nut milk, yogurt (you get the idea, any liquid), you are helping your body not only absorb the nutrients in your breakfast bowl, but you are giving your digestive system a serious helping hand.

How to Make Overnight Muesli

Now on to the good stuff: our simple approach to take the hassle out of breakfast!

The Recipe for a Seven Sundays Morning:

When it comes to the liquid, it's whatever floats your oats! Nut milk, dairy milk, coconut milk... whatever fits your diet and fancy will pair perfectly with your muesli. After a few days, you'll be able to ditch the measuring cups and go by feel.

Once you add your desired liquid, stick it in the fridge and let the muesli + milk do their thing. Muesli can be soaked overnight, but no worries if you forget to start the process the night before. Even after a short 10-15 minute soak, the grains will start to soften up.

After you have finished the soaking process, top with fresh fruit, your favorite yogurt, nut butter, a drizzle of maple syrup, a sprinkle of toasted coconut… the options are endless but the result never gets old!

Muesli Inspiration:

We keep our blog and Instagram stocked full of muesli inspiration, but we'd love to see your creations, too! Tag us on Instagram so we can see your unique twist. 

Get Started:

All it takes is muesli and a vehicle to soak it in (as long as you have the milk). We have you covered on both of those fronts:

Learn more:

We’ve been filling our brains with all sorts of muesli know-how throughout the years. Here’s just a sample of all we’ve learned and a little more about us.

Thanks for reading, and as always, enjoy your morning!


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