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We're excited to partner with Ridwell to make recycling your empty cereal pouches as easy as walking out your front door. From now on, we are covering a portion of your a monthly Ridwell subscription. As a Seven Sundays customer, you get 20% off every single month which is the equivalent of saving about $50/year! Ridwell works with local and regional partners to recycle and reuse hard-to-recycle materials that aren't accepted by curbside programs (like our pouches) and upcycles the plastic into new building and drainage materials.

Where We've Been

We've been on the hunt for better, more planet friendly solutions since the very beginning. To keep our cereals fresh and weird ingredients out, we require a specific type of multi-layer plastic film. The good news, our pouches are less resource intensive than traditional bag-in-a box. Our packaging is made from 30-60% post-consumer recycled (PCR) material, like milk-jugs.

Where We're Going

The bad news is our pouches (#7 plastic) aren't recyclable at your curb in most municipalities. Until now! With Ridwell, you can recycle our multi-layer pouches, and any other multi-layer plastic (like granola bar wrappers, snack bags, etc.) and get 20% off your subscription every month. We're chipping in to help close the loop. We're extra grateful to Ridwell for helping to repurpose our family's plastic waste and giving Seven Sunday's customers an opportunity to do the same.

You Can Also Recycle

Plastic Film

Plastic envelopes, bubble wrap, bread bags, air pillows, and more

Household Items

Batteries, lightbulbs, e-waste, plastic bottle caps, pill bottles, styrofoam, and more


Reusable and non-reusable clothes, shoes, linens, and more

"We pack that Ridwell box so full of multi-layer plastic in two weeks that it barely closes. I can't believe this was all being landfilled before! Our weekly garbage collection is down to one small bag per week."

Hannah & Brady

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To start, they will deliver a bin and bags to your front door. Collect your hard-to-recycle items in the bags throughout the week (like our pouches). Place them in your bin on pick up day. Easy! You can find more information on Ridwell here.

Ridwell currently services the following states: Georgia, Minnesota, Oregon, Texas, & Washington. Click here to see if they service your neighborhood or add your name to the waitlist.

Ridwell picks up recycling every two weeks. Find out more information on pick ups here.

Ridwell can serve individual customers in apartments, condominiums, and other multifamily housing. Find more information on apartment pickups here.

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Ridwell recycles: multi-layer plastic, plastic film, clothes, shoes, textiles, batteries, lightbulbs, and more! See what else you can recycle here.

To keep weird ingredients out, like preservatives, we require a multi-layer plastic film so that our cereal is fresh by the time it gets to you. It's not a perfect solution but we're proud to report that our pouches are made from at least 30% post consumer recycled (PCR) material, like milk jugs. We're even more excited that Ridwell has made it possible to recycle. Read more about it here.