Nutritional Benefits of Muesli

Nutritional Benefits of Muesli

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We aren't typically ones to brag about how amazingly nutritious a bowl of muesli is. There are so many nutrition claims out there, and we don't like to add to the clutter. We aren't nutritionists, doctors or scientists (well, I guess Brady is an Environmental Scientist, does that count?), so we keep our philosophy simple - we listen to our bodies and eat what makes us feel good. And it has to taste good too so that we (and our kiddos) want to enjoy it everyday. Emotional benefits of food are real. If you'd like to learn more about this philosophy, our friend Haley over at Brewing Happiness just wrote an entire blog on Intuitive Eating (a.k.a. the Self Kindness Anti-Diet).

Since March is nutrition month and all, and in honor of the late, great Dr. Bircher Benner (the Swiss Nutritionist who invented muesli), we are going to give it a go. Nutritionally speaking, here is what your body can expect from a bowl of our muesli:

1. 7 Superfoods. According to SuperfoodRx  (these guys ARE actually docs) the oats, buckwheat, blueberries, apples, honey, and pumpkin and chia seeds in our Wild & Free Mix are all superfoods. That's 7 superfoods, which essentially means you are getting a lot of nutritional bang for your buck with disease preventing/life sustaining things like vitamins, minerals, prebiotics and antioxidants. 

2. Protein. There is a lot of attention on protein these days, and while we don't believe it is everything, we do think natural, plant-based proteins are important. A bowl of our muesli contains as much protein as an egg and twice that of if you add milk or yogurt. Plus, it comes from plants which means it good for your body and better for the earth. 

3. 100% Whole Grain. Whole grains are good for a lot of things, but mainly keeping the pipes clean. According to the Whole Grain Council, the medical evidence is clear that whole grains reduce risks of heart disease, stroke, cancer, diabetes and obesity. They also keep you full and satisfied so you don't get hungry mid-morning which is good for the people around you. 

4. Low Sugar. Some of our muesli mixes are completely unsweetened while others are only sweetened with a drizzle of organic wildflower honey. We never use refined sugars and let the fruits do what they do best. This is incredibly hard to find in the cereal aisle and probably what we are most proud of.

5. Good Fats and Carbs. Fat in foods has been vilified in the past few decades, l(ow-fat and non-fat foods became the norm) and in many foods, the fat was replaced with sugar. It's one of the biggest nutrition lies that the public has been told. There are plenty of good fats in plants like coconut, nuts and seeds, and even Omega-3s in our pumpkin seeds. 

Just like fats, carbs have a bad wrap these days, but there are good ones and bad ones. The good ones, like the whole grains and fruits in our muesli, give us sustained energy while absorbing slowly into our systems, avoiding spikes and crashes in blood sugar levels. 

Lastly, a tip on preparation: soaking your muesli (i.e. overnight oats), is the best way to maximize the nutrition of muesli. Learn more on that here!

Enjoy Your Morning!

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