Our Story

In 2009, we took a honeymoon trip to New Zealand that inspired us to change our path in life. The adventurous culture, stunning landscapes and sustainable agriculture combined with having actual downtime for the first time in years, opened our minds to a different way of living – a way that was more purposeful.

Particularly impactful were our mornings that were spent reflecting, resetting and planning, all over a delicious, homemade bowl of muesli. Assuming muesli would be readily available back home, we took it for granted during our trip, and were surprised to learn that muesli was sparse in the US where our cereal aisles are still dominated by floating sugar delivery vehicles (often marketed to children).

Hannah first started making homemade muesli in small batches in our tiny New York apartment. Within a year, she was back home in MN, writing a business plan and crafting the first recipes that would become Seven Sundays. Our first bag of muesli was sold (in a tin tie coffee bag) at the Midtown Farmers Market in the Summer of 2011. For the next two years, Hannah bootstrapped the business with an old Raleigh bike and trailer, a friend’s restaurant kitchen and a basement office. These humble roots continue to shape our business today.

Live For Everyday

In 2013, our first son, Louis, was born. Shortly after, Brady had a major health scare. We were at a crossroads. Despite common sense telling us to pull back and play it safe (i.e. get real jobs), we went all in. Brady abandoned his 10-year career as an environmental consultant and joined Seven Sundays alongside Hannah to help grow the company and spread our important passion far and wide.

So what is our passion? Here’s a hint - its soo much bigger than muesli! Our personal experiences and our trip to New Zealand inspired us to Live for Everyday, and in turn, we want to spread that message with everything we do. We do not necessarily mean living each day as it is your last (because that would likely involve crazy indulgences and jumping out of airplanes). Instead, we fully participate and appreciate the everyday moments of life. Because the little things REALLY ARE the big things. The everyday things we do get overlooked despite having the biggest impact.

The Name Explained

We believe wholeheartedly that starting the day off right makes for the best day. And through our products and brand, we hope to prepare you for the best day possible so that you can face your everyday adventures with a relaxed state of mind and sustained energy. Let us put in the hard work and attention to detail so you don’t have to think about it.

And what day do we most often take the time to start the day off right? You guessed it – Sunday. This is the day that (because we are less rushed) we often take time for ourselves. Get in a good workout, prepare for the week ahead, maybe even read the newspaper. It’s a reset day. This day of the week is special to us and embodies our passion, our brand and our chosen lifestyle.