A Love Letter to Farmers Markets

A Love Letter to Farmers Markets

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It’s a Sunday morning. You don’t have anything pressing to do, but you set an early alarm anyways. But it’s one of those rare times when a ray of sun catches your eye just right and you blink awake before your phone buzzes. 

Today there’s no agenda. Other than coffee. Coffee is definitely on the agenda. First on the agenda, then you can move on to an unplanned day. A day to drink in the sun, a day to prep for the week ahead, a day to spend time with your family, a day to spend time with yourself. So you grab your bags and head to the nearest Farmer’s Market. 

You want to get there on the early side, so you have your pick of the reddest tomatoes and brightest berries, the loaf of bread with the most seeds on top, and the best stems of sunflowers. Your bags fill up way too fast, always wishing you had brought one more, because there’s no way you weren’t going to get that fresh made jam AND the local honey comb. I mean, the bees were there at the market, how much more local can you get!

You spend time with the vendors, who have been awake for hours and have been working hard for much longer than that. They share their secrets with you; how to chose the freshest cucumbers and what to actually do with that bright green, spiky, cauliflower(?). Someone brings up an amazing sounding salad and you have to do another lap to gather the rest of the ingredients. Plus a variety of berries for your morning muesli ;) 

This week is National Farmers Market Week and we love a good excuse to detail our love affair with the market. Not only do we rely on the market to fill our fridge with fresh fruits and veggies, but we owe a big thank you to the market model for the launch of Seven Sundays. The market was where we went to first share our muesli with you. Where we went to test this big new thing we were starting. Where we went to meet with our community and ask you to give us a shot. 

So here’s a big old THANK YOU, WE LOVE YOU to Midtown Farmers Market for giving us that outlet. And to all other Minneapolis markets for being a destination to gather, learn, shop and try new ventures, for us and for our communities. So as you plan your weekend, why not pick a recipe, head to a market, grab all the ingredients, invite over some friends and make a meal together! 


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