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Refreshed! ✨

Posted by Hannah Barnstable on
Refreshed! ✨
Have you seen our new look? We recently completed a packaging refresh. If you are a long time fan of Seven Sundays, then you have seen several packaging changes over the years - we like to keep things fresh! If you are interested in the motivation behind our most recent changes, read on.
The biggest change is that we gave proper names to each muesli mix. We come up with every muesli mix in-house, in our own kitchen - no food scientists here. The inspiration behind the blends and special ingredients come from meaningful experiences. For example, our Blueberry Chia Buckwheat muesli was inspired by canoe and camping trips to the Boundary Waters in Northern Minnesota, where from a young age, I would collect wild blueberries to snack on and put in our hot cereal in the cold mornings. Our most popular is now named Wild & Free.

I hope you enjoy the updates and stories behind our mixes as much as we do!  Please read through our FAQs below, or reach out to us anytime, if you have any questions.


How do I know which flavor is which?
The packaging colors have not changed, so that is the simplest way identify each flavor. We also still list the key flavor ingredients on the front of the package just below the window. Here is a summary:

Blueberry Chia Buckwheat  Wild & Free Mix
Bircher Apple Cinnamon   Classic Bircher Mix
Cocoa Almond Date  Early Riser Mix
Vanilla Cherry Pecan  Simple Morning Mix
Banana Berry Chia  Rise & Shine Mix

Did any of the recipes change?
Yes, the Early Riser and Simple Morning mixes have changed slightly. None of the other flavors changed.

For the Early Riser Mix, we added fair trade dark chocolate bits. Dark chocolate is an amazing superfood that we have wanted to incorporate into our muesli for a long time and this was the perfect fit. Warning, this is not your typical chocolatey cereal! The quantity of dark chocolate added is small, just enough to round out the flavor. If this was your favorite flavor before, your head might explode now. :)

For the the Simple Morning Mix, we amped up the vanilla and added more crunchy sorghum flakes. This recipe was adjusted last year when vanilla became really difficult to get due to the cyclones in Madagascar (we wrote a blog on that last year). As we were unwilling to substitute real vanilla with a natural or artificial vanilla flavoring, this flavor became very difficult for us to produce and we almost discontinued it. Instead, we cut down the vanilla to make it work. Now that prices of vanilla have normalized, we have been able to bring the recipe back to its original version!

When will I see the new packaging?
The new packaging started to rollout in April 2019. It will likely take a couple of months to see all new packaging at the stores and some stores will get it earlier than others. If you order from our website, you will get the new versions sooner!

Have the UPCs changed?
The UPC is the barcode on the package that allows retailers to scan in our item at checkout. The UPC codes have not changed. 

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  • Tamara Durstine on

    Has anyone added Early Riser Mix Dark Chocolate Almond to their oatmeal chocolate chips cookie recipe?

  • Debra Jean Budahn on

    I love all your cereals but have not tried the new versions yet. Your Almond Date is NOT gluten free since it contains barley and rye. Are the other cereals gluten free? The NO WHEAT on the label is slightly misleading but all of us who buy this still have a responsibility to still read the ingredients which I did.

  • Steven on

    Love the products but don’t like the press-to-close system you’re currently using on the bags themselves: the seal strips are very thin and for whatever reason, hard for me to align and close without a lot of manipulation. On your next update, please make them more sandwich-bag-easy. Please!

  • Phil on

    Definitely don’t like the new formulation for the previously “Blueberry Chia Buckwheat” which is now the “Wild and Free Mix.” The oats are more ground up and appear to be more like an instant oatmeal than oats. These get mushier fast in almond milk (or whatever liquid you use). I loved the previous recipe. Hope you guys will go back to the old version. Just bought the last 4 of the old version I could find. If the new versions all have these more ground up oats, I may have to look for a new breakfast option.

  • Georganne on

    What about the Cinnamon Currant?-What’s the new name? That one is my favorite 😊

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