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6 Ways to Enjoy Rise & Shine

Posted by Hannah Barnstable on
6 Ways to Enjoy Rise & Shine

1. With Milk!

Call it old fashioned, but there are just some days when you need the classic cereal and milk combo. Rise & Shine fits the bill. It's a fresh, bright bowl of grain free cereal you'll actually fill up on!

2. Pack it in your little's snack or lunch

We're always on the lookout for healthy, filling snacks and sides for our kiddos. The Rise & Shine Mix is Barnstable-kid-approved! We love Lunch Bots Bento Boxes - try pairing Rise & Shine with yogurt + fresh fruit.

3. Or in your own lunch or snack!

Rise & Shine makes for a great additional to a protein-packed or Paleo-friendly snack or lunch! 

4. Post Workout Parfait

Refuel after a sweat sesh with some Rise & Shine topped yogurt. I've been loving the mix on top of Forager's Coconut Cashewgurt!

5. On the Go

Confession: Lately, there's always a Stasher Bag of Rise & Shine in my bag. It's the perfect thing to have on hand for those hangry moments that inevitably creep in on busy days!

6. Take a Hike

The best part about grain free muesli? It doubles as a trail mix. Pack it on hikes and outdoor adventures for a quick mid-trail pick me up! Want to spruce it up a bit? Add some Quinn Pretzels and thank us later.

 Have you discovered any other ways to enjoy Rise & Shine? I'd love to hear them - comment below!


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