Meet Golden Hour + Lucky Day

Meet Golden Hour + Lucky Day

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Ready to meet the newest (grain free!) muesli mixes in our lineup? We've spent the last year testing batch after batch to bring you two new flavors: the Golden Hour Turmeric Mix and the Lucky Day Matcha Mix!

We're all about ingredients and we love that our grain free muesli mixes have allowed us to explore innovative new ones – such as matcha tea, pistachios and hemp seeds – things you don’t typically see in the cereal aisle. The crunchy-chewy texture in our grain free mueslis is as good with milk as it is as a snack right out of the bag. And unlike most grain free cereals, these come without all the added sugar and oil. 

Without further adieu....

Golden Hour Mix

Our new Golden Hour Turmeric Mix is a vibrant golden paleo-friendly blend made with a base of toasted cashews and coconut, naturally sweetened with wild blueberries and golden raisins, and mixed with antioxidant-rich turmeric. It is perfect for those golden milk kind of mornings, or, as a mid-day savory sweet snack!

You can find the Golden Hour Mix here on our website, on Amazon, or in Meijer stores later this month. 

Lucky Day Mix

Our new Lucky Day Matcha Mix is a bright green crunchy mix with pistachios and sliced almonds, luscious golden-green raisins, rejuvenating matcha tea and organic wildflower honey. We met on St. Patrick's Day, so naturally we needed a green muesli to celebrate this Lucky Day! We think you'll love it, too. 

You can find the Lucky Day Mix here on our website, on Amazon, or in Meijer stores later this month.

Meet the New Grain Free Variety Pack

Not sure which one to try first? Good news for grain free lovers: we're now offering a Grain Free Variety Pack featuring our two new flavors plus our Rise & Shine Mix! Check it out here.

We can't wait for you to try these new mixes. Here's to even more Good Mornings!


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