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Introducing: Upcycled Oat Protein Cereal

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After countless trials and taste tests, we are beyond excited to introduce the first of its kind Upcycled Oat Protein Cereal in four deliciously clean flavors: Simply Honey, Super Fruity, Maple Cinnamon and Chocolate Sea Salt. Made with gluten free upcycled oats, this cereal is good for you and the darn whole planet. It’s coated in nostalgia and real simple ingredients from our kitchen. And, in true Seven Sundays style, we skipped the weird stuff—like artificial or “natural”  flavors, refined sugars, high intensity sweeteners, GMOs, and glyphosate. Our family of taste testers has already been diving in, and let’s just say Oaties have totally taken over our breakfast table. We can’t wait to hear what you think!

Hannah and Brady cofounders of Seven Sundays


So Why Upcycled? 

According to Project Drawdown, preventing food waste is the single most effective solution to reducing global warming. One of the consequences of global warming that we are already seeing is increasing droughts. In 2022, we couldn’t source the amount of oats we needed to produce our muesli. Droughts across the northern plains created a major oat shortage and demand for oat milk kept growing. Determined to find a better way, we got to work on an upcycled cereal made from the oatloads of protein and fiber-rich leftovers from oat milk production.


What is Upcycled Oat Protein?

Upcycled OatyWe’d like to introduce you to our pal Oaty, the upcycled oat protein in our cereal. Take it away, Oaty. Hi! I may be a new-to-you ingredient, but started out as an oat. You know the wrung out pulpy leftovers from making oat milk? That’s me! With 3x the protein and 2x fiber as the whole oat, I was once tossed after being milked. Now I have a new life in your breakfast cereal. Basically, I’m back and stronger than ever!


How is Oat Milk Made?

how is oat milk made


We make oat milk weekly at home. It’s a simple process. Oats are soaked in water then milled and pressed through a screen to separate the oat milk from the oat pulp. It was in this process I realized how much creamy, nutrient dense pulp was leftover in the process. So much oat pulp! Somewhere along the way, I started saving it to mix into our morning oats and a favorite cookie recipe. 

Now multiply this homemade recipe to a large commercial oat milk production facility, and you can easily imagine the volume of nutrient dense oat pulp not being utilized to its fullest potential. Currently, the pulp is land applied or used for animal feed. Note: The only difference in large scale oat milk production is the size of the equipment and the use of an enzyme used to help break down the starches. Any emulsifiers, preservatives, seed oils, or “natural” flavors used in the oat milk takes place after the pulp is removed. Our upcycled oat protein is just REAL food made from creamy North American oats. 

But that’s not even the best bit. We are even more excited about the taste, and amongst the team, we feel like we’ve unlocked the code to that nostalgic breakfast cereal flavor using only real food we find in our kitchen. Can’t wait for you to try it!

Join us in giving a cluck about food waste and eating up!


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