Seven Sundays x Soil & Climate Initiative

Seven Sundays x Soil & Climate Initiative

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We’ve never been afraid to get our hands dirty to craft a better breakfast, and we’re about to get dirtier. For the last year, we’ve been working with the amazing team at Green America’s Soil & Climate Initiative (SCI), and a handful of like-minded brands, to develop the first independent third-party regenerative agriculture commitment and verification program open to any farmer, in any production system.

If you aren’t familiar with regenerative agriculture, it refers to a way of farming that, among other benefits, builds soil health, increases biodiversity above and below ground, reduce chemical inputs and harmful runoff, and even has the potential to draw down climate-warming carbon back into the soil.

From the early days of Seven Sundays, we’ve worked directly with Midwest farmers to source crops that can be grown locally like oats, buckwheat, flax and sunflowers, which also happen to be a great pollinator food source and have soil-health benefits as a cover crop. 

We will continue to source this way, but we also craved a more holistic approach to sourcing and verifying ingredients from farther away (e.g. coconut, cassava and cocoa) are grown regeneratively.  As a founding member of SCI, we are committing to paving a path forward by adopting regenerative agriculture practices across our ingredient “acre footprint” (total farm acres required to grow the crops we utilize in our cereals). 

As a food company we have a unique opportunity to be part of the solution to our people and planet health crisis. A massive shift toward regenerative agriculture is necessary, and SCI’s Pilot Program is providing the framework and technical resources for that transition. By 2030, we’re committed to scaling and verifying regenerative agriculture practices and associated outcomes across 100% of our agricultural supply network. Let’s get growing!

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