Back-to-School Breakfasts

Back-to-School Breakfasts

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Breakfast: The most underrated meal of the day. (Amiright?) But when the school bell tolls, this early bird meal often gets overlooked. Hey, we get it. It’s tough to shift from summer mornings (with extended time in pajamas, weekday pancakes, and putzing around outside) to the back-to-school routine. That’s why we’re sharing some simple breakfast hacks to get you — and your kiddos — out the door, fueled for the morning, and (hopefully) right on time.


1. Make a breakfast bake that’ll last you through the midweek mark. If you’re in a Sunday night panic, check your fridge. Have milk, butter, and an egg? Then you’ve already laid the groundwork for a seriously delicious breakfast bake. Add muesli and fruit (you know that saying about an apple a day) and you’ve got yourself a big ol’ breakfast that’ll last in the fridge during the school week.

2. Soak up some serious nutrients. This is as easy as it gets. Pour muesli into mason jar or closed container. Add milk, almond milk, yogurt, or other liquid of choice (we’ve loved coconut milk in the past). Throw in a handful of chopped fruit, a drizzle of honey, raisins, or even some chocolate chips. Close lid. Put in fridge. Hands-off breakfast that is filling and fulfilling? Check.

3. Two words. Weekday. Waffles. Hey, decadent breakfasts don’t need to be limited to weekend mornings. Especially when they’ve got an extra kick of grains, seeds, and fruits. Add a scoop of muesli to any waffle + pancake mix, and whip up a batch of these the night before. Treat ‘em like am upgraded slice of toast and reheat them in your toaster. Top with real maple syrup, and voila! An easy incentive to get those sleepyheads out of bed in the morning.

4. Have a handheld breakfast that’s ready to go. Shameless plug. We now sell super filling breakfast squares. Prepackaged and ready for those little hands, should you find yourself in a rush out to the bus stop or loading up the car. You can buy those here.

5. Turn it into family time. Look, we know your time is limited in the morning. But we also know that family time and creating memories have proven to help grow some pretty resilient kids. It might be worth a shot to spend one weekday evening making breakfast — as a family — the night before. Skip the screen time and help your kid(s) select a recipe. Spend time mixing, baking, and licking the bowl; you might be happily surprised about what kind of conversations come out of it.

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