The Ultimate Mother's Day Gift

The Ultimate Mother's Day Gift

Posted by Hannah Barnstable on

Three out of three moms at Seven Sundays agreed that the one thing we want more than anything on Mother’s Day is to sleep in and be delivered breakfast in bed. We also acknowledge that there is a specific way to do this to make sure it accomplishes the desired goal of giving Mom a well-deserved break. So we developed some ground rules – a guide if you will – to the ultimate Mother’s Day gift: breakfast in bed.

1. Give the Gift of Quiet & Solitude

Here’s a tip: Don’t rush through the bedroom door – with the kids in tow – armed with a 6am wake-up call. Let her sleep in. When she’s ready, knock quietly. Help prop up the pillows, set up her breakfast, and let her know she should take her time. Added bonus - take the kid(s) outside to give her an extra dose of added calm.

2. Serve Something Simple

There’s no need to stress over a new, complicated recipe. Make a beautiful almond milk steeped muesli bowl with fresh fruit, a slice of toast with avocado, salt and lemon juice, and a hot cup of coffee. Or if you have more time, this peach baked muesli recipe with just 5 ingredients can be prepared the night before in individual ramekins and baked in the morning. Prep should be easy, simple, and quiet.

3. Say Something Sweet

Breakfast in bed is all about presentation. In addition to coffee and breakfast, we suggest adding a few extra finishing touches. Think a small floral arrangement, a special napkin, or handwritten note. Something that involves the kids or is from the kids is great, and she can see them later.

4. Leave Her In Good Company

Leave her with a copy of the Sunday paper, a few of her favorite magazines, or a new book. She’ll appreciate having something to do and no reason to get out of bed prematurely.

5. Don't Let Her Touch the Dishes

Enough said.

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