Eat Muesli. Go for Miles.

Eat Muesli. Go for Miles.

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I’m no elite runner, but I’ve logged in my fair share of miles over the years. I’ve run a marathon in sub-8 minute pace and even won a local road race (you know, within my very specific age division). Running is my regular exercise, my stress reliever, my meditation and (after two kids) my sacred Hannah time. Early in our relationship, I even convinced Brady to start running and now he has a 3-hours-flat marathon and an ultra under his belt.

When we founded Seven Sundays in 2011, we wanted to make a better breakfast for everyone, and the bonus is that we have also created the perfect fuel for runners. I’ve eaten muesli nearly everyday since we first discovered this European breakfast staple on our honeymoon in New Zealand in 2009. It remains the only healthy food that keeps me satisfied until lunch and curbs any craving in the afternoon or late evening, especially when I am logging in the miles.

We are not food scientists, but we think muesli is the ultimate runners fuel, and here is why.


3 Reasons Why Muesli is the Perfect Runners Fuel

  1. ½ the sugar and 2X the protein as granola – With only 2 grams of added sugar and 8 grams of protein in a half-cup serving, muesli is arguably the cleanest and most nutritious thing you can put in your cereal bowl.
  2. Lasting Energy – Muesli is a blend of whole grains, super seeds, fruits and nuts. In one serving, you get nearly 40 grams of 100% whole grains and 25% of your daily value fiber. It is not surprising that our #1 consumer comment is that “muesli is the only thing that keeps me full until lunch!” 
  3. Quick and Easy – If you are running a lot, then you are likely eating more frequently than most people which means convenient meals and snacks are essential! Mix ½ cup muesli with ½ cup plant-based or dairy milk in an 8-ounce jar. Throw in the fridge and it’s ready to go the next morning, after your run or when you get to the office. Added bonus: soaking muesli unlocks the nutritive benefits and aids in digestion. More on that here.

Start simply, live fully,


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