3-Ingredient Muesli Pancakes

3-Ingredient Muesli Pancakes

Posted by Hannah Barnstable on

Never has there been a more relevant time for 3-ingredient recipes. This one for Amazing 3-Ingredient Pancakes is no exception and will help you use up those super ripe bananas you're suddenly discovering the back of the freezer 🙃 Bonus: They pack a lot of protein! All you'll need is:⁠

⁠+ 3 mashed ripe bananas⁠ ⁠
+ 6 eggs⁠, beaten⁠
+ 1 cup muesli⁠ (any mix!)⁠

(Or cut measurements in half if you have limited stock of any of these)⁠

Optional add ins: a dash of cinnamon, frozen berries, chocolate chips, or a handful of nuts. Fry them up in a bit of coconut oil and enjoy! Full recipe makes about 12 medium pancakes.

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