Meet Whole Grain Milling, Welcome, Minnesota

Whole Grain Milling owns and operates an organic farm, mill, and tortilla chip factory near Welcome, Minnesota. Their farm has been certified organic since 1989. Doug, Lin and their sons Jeff and Ross are true organic and local grain pioneers, and have been role models for our own business. We started working with then when we first started selling muesli at the farmers market back in 2011 because they offered organic grains in small quantities. Doug or Jeff would personally drop off a few bags of oats, rye and barley at our house in Minneapolis. We would chat for a few minutes, throw the grains in the station wagon, and drive it over to our commercial kitchen. Fast forward a few years, we have outgrown their oat supply, but they grow roughly 100 acres of buckwheat for us every year. We personally are huge fans of their pancake mix, tortilla chips and even purchase grass fed beef from their farm. It is safe to say the food they grow and raise account for roughly 50% of our family's caloric intake on an annual basis.