Meet Baby June + Giveaway

Meet Baby June + Giveaway

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Just in time for Mother's Day, we welcomed our 3rd babe and 1st girl into the Seven Sundays family, June Louise. June Bug made quite a statement out of the gate, waiting to arrive until just after midnight on her big brother's birthday. She is small but strong, sweet but a little spunky. Words can't really describe the love and joy she has already brought to our family in just a couple of days.

We are celebrating the occasion with our community with a New Mom Muesli Kit + Snuggle Me Giveaway! I was recently introduced to Mia Carr, a fellow Minnesotan, an amazing mother of seven, founder of Snuggle Me, and creator of the most adorable and practical organic baby lounger. Upon reading her story, I immediately purchased a lounger for our home and one for one of you! The lucky winner will also receive a  case of Wild Blueberry muesli, 2 overnight soak jars and a Seven Sundays "The Best Things in Life Are Simple" baby onesie. Follow the instructions below to enter. Keep reading to learn why muesli is the perfect breakfast (and snack) for new moms. 

Feeling truly blessed and wishing all you Moms out there a Beautiful Mother's Day!

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In Case you Were Wondering: 3 Reasons Muesli is Superb for Nursing Moms

The first time I tried muesli while traveling in New Zealand on my honeymoon, it felt more like falling in love with a lifestyle than a food. Sure, I loved the muesli eating experience – all the textures in a single bowl, the perfect balance of hearty but not heavy, the ingredients were each as nature intended without all the processing and sugar and oil coating. But I felt different after eating muesli. I left breakfast feeling satisfied and energized, and that feeling lasted through a good portion of the rest of the day.

Life looks different today than it did 8+ years ago on our honeymoon with juggling two little boys, a new baby girl, and a growing business. Still, we start most days with muesli. Some days, it is the most nutritious thing we eat. And it is not always just for breakfast, it is the extra afternoon snack during growth spurts, and the after dinner “treat” used to curb sugar cravings.

  1. Oats for the Win! Oats are the primary ingredient in muesli. For years, nursing moms have incorporated oats into their diet to support or increase the supply of milk. The added benefit to muesli? More plant-based protein, vitamins and minerals from all the extra good ingredients.
  2. Long Lasting. A small bowl of muesli provides lasting energy. In fact, the most common consumer feedback we get on our muesli keeps you full until lunch. When I am nursing, there are days when I feel like I can’t get enough calories in and am starving all the time! Muesli is the perfect fix.
  3. There is not much that is easier than pouring a bowl of cereal. However, even that can prove difficult with everything else going on in the morning, which is why preparing muesli ahead of time is so great. We recommend putting equal parts muesli and milk into a jar and soaking it overnight. It becomes a portable breakfast that you can grab and enjoy whenever you get those first few precious moments alone in your day.


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