It's Time for Cereal to #GETREAL

It's Time for Cereal to #GETREAL

Posted by Hannah Barnstable on

Let's get real for minute. The cereal aisle needs a complete revamp. So last year we got to work on creating a Better Box Cereal. We proudly launched our grain free Sunflower Cereal, made with upcycled sunflower protein and only real ingredients. A new venture for us, we absorbed feedback wherever we could get it. That's how we knew that for this to work, we needed to make some changes and do things completely differently than traditional "big cereal".

For starters, we said goodbye to a few things. We replaced the bulky, hard-to-open, bag-in-a-box with a post-consumer recycled (PCR) resealable pouch which keeps our real food cereal fresh and our carbon footprint small. We gave a big "cluck you" to traditional cereal manufacturing processes and started making cereal the only way we know how - small batch style. The result is better flavor, lighter crunch and fresher product.

We believe so completely that cereal can and should be made only with real ingredients, without natural or artificial flavors or refined sugars, and we stand firm on those values.  

Thank you to the early adopters for your feedback. We exist for and because of you.

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