6 Tips from a Dietitian for Choosing a Healthier Breakfast

6 Tips from a Dietitian for Choosing a Healthier Breakfast

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Last fall, Registered Dietitian Jenna helped us answer the question: Is muesli healthy? Now, at the start of a new year, Jenna, founder of Gorham Consulting Group, is helping us learn how to choose a healthier breakfast! Read on for Jenna's 6 tips for a holistic approach to morning nutrition... 

While whole foods offer the most nutrition and leave us feeling our best, it is not always realistic to make every meal from scratch. 

Keep fresh fruits and veggies stocked, but also choose products you can trust and keep on hand as pantry staples for quick mornings on the run. Choose products that use only simple, whole food ingredients (like Seven Sundays). 

I always keep Seven Sundays Wild & Free in my pantry and prepare it both hot and cold year round. I know I can trust the company to use quality, wholesome, and simple ingredients - plus it’s easy, healthy, satisfying, and transportable. 

You could also try: hard boiled eggs, Greek yogurt, whole wheat toast or an english muffin with natural nut or seed butter and fruit, or avocado toast with chia or flax seeds.

When choosing packaged products at the store, it’s important to read the ingredients and nutrition panel to ensure you’re getting a product that will make you feel your best and keep you satisfied. Below are a few guidelines I recommend when reading the back of the box.

✔ Simple Ingredients

✔ 3+ grams of fiber per serving

✔ 4+ grams of protein per serving

✔ Less than 7g of added sugar

✔ Less than ~200mg sodium

✔ No artificial sweeteners (sucralose, aspartame) or trans fats (hydrogenated oils)

A breakfast that is high in sugar will quickly spike your blood sugar, giving you quick energy. But shortly after eating, your blood sugar will crash, often causing your mood and energy to crash with it. 

Choosing a lower sugar breakfast or by pairing sugary items with protein, fat, or fiber to sustain your energy for several hours. Add a dash of maple syrup or honey to your muesli, and the fat, fiber, and protein from the oats, nuts, and seeds will stabilize your blood sugar and sustain your energy.

Is this meal something that will taste good, you will enjoy eating, and leave you feeling satisfied? If not, you will likely reach for whatever it is you really want after the meal. By allowing yourself to mindfully enjoy the foods you love without guilt, you are more likely to not overeat.

Most people don’t consume enough fruits and veggies. We recommend 5 servings each day! Top your muesli with fresh berries, apple slices, or grated carrots and cinnamon.

The goal of breakfast is to break your overnight fast and fuel your body to keep you feeling satisfied and energized for the next few hours. There are a few key nutrients that will help with just that: fiber, protein, and fat.

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