5 Ways to Enjoy Golden Hour

5 Ways to Enjoy Golden Hour

Posted by Hannah Barnstable on

You don't have to be grain free to crush on our Golden Hour Mix. Like all of our grain free mueslis, this (seriously addicting!) Blueberry Turmeric Cashew mix takes on a cereal-trail mix hybrid of delicious. Think bright pops of wild blueberries, a hint of sweet from the golden raisins, a pleasantly crunchy texture from the cashews, and a warmth from the turmeric.

It's no surprise that most of us at 7S love to eat it right out of the bag, but there are endless ways to enjoy Golden Hour — check out 5 ideas below!


1. Classic: With a splash of (your favorite) milk

2. Parfait style over yogurt (adds the perfect crunch)

Recipe: @lindsay.lives.well

3. Add some golden turmeric love to your blueberry smoothie bowl

Recipe: @evidence_based_eating

4. Golden Sunrise Bliss Balls. Enough said. 

Recipe: @simplyleahboston

5. For the adventurous: top your salad with a warming turmeric crunch!

Recipe: @tangy_pineapple


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