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Pure Vanilla Extract

Supplier(s): Heilala Vanilla

Grown in: Tonga and Madagascar

Why We Love Them: Heilala's double fold vanilla extract is a game changer in our muesli. We blend it with our organic wildflower honey and drizzle it through the blend so that every bite has a touch of vanilla sweetness. The taste and aroma are unmatched.

Sustainability Factors: 

Vanilla thrives organically, with little to no chemicals, pesticides or fertilizers needed. It is a sustainable and long-term crop, and once the plantations and processing infrastructure are in place, it has long lasting economic benefits to the community. Unfortunately, due to our rapidly changing climate, cyclones continue to increase in frequency and intensity around the world, decimating many sensitive vanilla plantations and forcing vanilla bean pricing sky high. Many packaged food companies have switched to a 'natural vanilla flavoring' instead, but we have stayed firm and continued to source pure vanilla extract.

You can read more about Heilala Vanilla extract in our recent blog here.