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Grown in: California

Why We Love Them: Dates are nature's candy and make a perfect addition to an unsweetened muesli. Our dates are coated in a gluten free rice flour to keep them from clumping. Dates are heart healthy (free of saturated fat, trans fat, sodium and cholesterol), antioxidant rich (hello disease-fighting polyphenols), high in fiber (score), balanced in minerals (helps lower blood pressure), and most importantly, they're naturally sweet and require no added sugar.

Sustainability Factors:  Other than water, dates don’t require much to grow and we love that they are grown in the US instead of being imported from the Middle East, like most dates are. Dried fruits do attract bugs which means the fruit must be fumigated or frozen before being cleaned, dried and packaged. We are working on some laboratory testing and depending on the results potentially sourcing these organically. You can read more about our trip to Oasis Date Gardens our recent blog here.