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Wild Blueberries

Grown in: Quebec

Why We Love Them: Well as with most things in the food world, Mother Nature knows best! Unlike regular blueberries, wild blueberries are not planted. They only grow wild, where She decided to put them. These tiny gems have a 10,000-year-old heritage beginning in the post ice age acidic soils of Maine, Eastern Canada and Quebec. The harsh climate, and what it takes to survive in it, gives wild blueberries the high level of antioxidants (2X that of cultivated blueberries) and potent blueberry taste. They combat stress in the wild by producing powerful phytochemicals like anthocyanins to protect themselves. These are the same natural plant compounds that protect us from inflammation and chronic disease when we eat them.

Sustainability Factors: They are a low-input native crop requiring minimal management, mainly because they are naturally resistant to many native pests. No pesticides means it is great for the native bee population, who are exceptional pollinators. You can read more about wild blueberries in our recent blog here.