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Organic Wildflower Honey

Grown in: Brazil

Why We Love Them: In 2014, made the leap to verify  all of our products were not genetically modified through enrollment in the Non-GMO Project. Honey was the "stickiest" (pun intended) part the verification process because we had to demonstrate the honey bees could not pollinate on crops and were not fed supplemental feed. Sadly, we learned it is not possible to source Non-GMO honey in the U.S. because of the prevalence of genetically modified crops here. Therefore, we began sourcing our honey from one of the few places on earth left that can harvest Non-GMO honey - the rainforests of Brazil. Working with a trusted supplier and importer, we were able to source a high quality organic wildflower honey that lightly sweetens our muesli. 

Sustainability Factors: Our organic wildflower honey is harvested in remote tropical regions of Brazil. Supporting these rainforest farmers helps ensure the preservation of the rainforests. Caring for bees means caring for their habitat, and organic honey production helps to save the bee population and prevent the widespread damage to the ecosystem that deforestation causes. Because of the distance it must travel, food miles should be considered when comparing honey to other sweeteners and as such we have started using alternative plant-based sweeteners like date nectar that is both Non-GMO and sourced from the U.S.