Wildberry Maple Mix now in All Minnesota, Wisconsin and Michigan Costcos

Attention Midwest Costco Shoppers: Meet our new Northwoods-inspired Wildberry Maple Mix, now available in all Michigan, Minnesota, and Wisconsin Costco stores!

Our Wildberry Maple muesli mix is inspired by the Northwoods and is (literally) near and dear to our hearts. Locally grown and made, there are hardworking Midwestern family farmers and makers behind each and every ingredient. 

This Better Breakfast is made with:

🍒  Antioxidant-rich Michigan Montmorency cherries, Wisconsin cranberries and wild blueberries

🌾  Protein and fiber-packed crunchy buckwheat and flax grown organically and sustainably in the heart of Southern Minnesota

🌲 Pure maple syrup harvested in the Northwoods of Minnesota

Wildberry Maple is: Gluten Free + Nut Free + Dairy Free + Refined Sugar Free +  Vegan + Non GMO. Enjoy cold with milk of choice like cereal, cold soaked 10+ minutes like overnight oats, or hot like oatmeal. Find more preparation ideas below! 

It is now available exclusively at all Costco stores in MN, WI and MI while supplies last. Don't forget to grab a few extra bags for the cabin!



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