One Year Later; A Baby On The Go

One year ago, while eight-and-a-half months pregnant, I knew that our mornings were about to get more chaotic, so I began brainstorming solutions to get ahead of the chaos. The goal was a breakfast option everyone would eat, that was as nutritious as a bowl of muesli, and convenient enough to eat on-the-go.  I simply used what we already had in our cupboards – bananas, organic honey, coconut oil and nut and seed butters to bind the whole grains, nuts and dried fruits, and then presented them to my pickiest, and most trusted, taster: Louis. And, just in time, Muesli Squares were born.

At the time Brady and I struggled to imagine how we could possibly spare even one ounce of the love that had been thus far exclusively Louis’. Then we welcomed little Emry Bear into this world. And as it turns out, love is limitless; our hearts freely and easily expand when we let them.

A year has flown by and, now more than ever, I am painfully aware that time is not limitless. With a 4-year old, a baby, a dog and a business, my days are “busy” and the busy starts the moment I get out of bed. There’s packing lunches, feeding the dog, responding to emails and getting everyone dressed and ready for the day.  And let us never forget about breakfast! So we each grab a square and fuel up for the day, in the car, in line at the coffee shop or sitting at the kitchen table, just not wanting to dirty another bowl. However your own unique morning may look, I bet you can relate to wishing you had a few more morning minutes.

These days, try as we might to resist, “on-the-go” is our reality at least a couple of mornings every week. We have learned to accept the chaos and embrace the little things – Louis’ awesome bedhead, Emry’s squeal when he first spots our dog Bowery, the satisfaction we all feel when the car is finally loaded up for the day. This week, in addition to celebrating Emry’s very first birthday, we are going to take a beat to appreciate our increasingly chaotic mornings and all of the small, but significant, everyday things that slow the time, if even for a moment.

Hannah Barnstable
Hannah Barnstable