Hot Muesli for when it's Minnesota COLD

We're off and running into January here, and for Minnesota that means COLD. Below zero cold. Frozen toes cold. Three sweaters AND a scarf cold. One way to battle the frigid temperatures is to start your day HOT. Hot coffee and hot muesli. Already boiled water for your morning tea? Pour some of that over your muesli and you're all set.



There are 3 simple ways to make yourself a bowl of hot cereal with your Seven Sundays in the remaining winter months.



1. Steep

Boil water, pour your serving of muesli into a bowl, pour boiling water over - until muesli is just covered. Steep for at least 3 minutes. Give it a stir. Top with honey, nut butter, berries, etc. and enjoy!

2. Stove top

In a small sauce pot, combine 1 cup muesli with 1.5 cups water or milk. Heat over medium. Mix in honey or nut butter while. Allow to cook until preferred consistency is reached, stirring occasionally. Serve into bowls and top with fruits and nuts.

3. Microwave

This method makes the muesli very nice and fluffy! (And is super easy with our Minne Muesli Cups) In a mug or small bowl, combine equal parts muesli and water, or milk for a creamier finish, and microwave for 45 seconds. 

And, as always, top it off with honey, nut butter, berries or banana slices. Whatever your fancy!

Seven Sundays
Seven Sundays


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