Hi Friends and Family! We are so happy to announce that you can now buy a 2 pound bag of our Gluten Free Vanilla Cherry Pecan muesli at the following Costco locations around the Midwest!


  1. Glenview, IL
  2. Coon Rapids, MN
  3. St. Louis Park, MN
  4. Lincoln Park, IL
  5. Oak Brook, IL
  6. Orland Park, IL
  7. Maple Grove, MN
  8. Eden Prairie, MN
  9. Middleton, WI
  10. Maplewood, MN
  11. Manchester, MO
  12. Burnsville, MN
  13. Chicago South Loop, IL
  14. Sun Prairie,
  15. WI Baxter, MN
  16. Rochester, MN
  17. Bellevue, WI (Green Bay)
  18. Pleasant Prairie, WI
  19. Grand Chute, WI
  20. N. Kansas City, MO
  21. Woodbury, MN

We continue to work diligently behind the scenes to use our growth for good, bringing a better, fresher product at the best value to you. Costco's model allows us work more directly our growers to source ingredients, mix and pack muesli, and ship it directly to stores within a matter of weeks. You can literally taste the goodness that went into the pure vanilla bean extract hand harvested by Heilala Vanilla in Tonga. And of course it is gluten free and sweetened only with bing cherries and 2g of organic wildflower honey.

Oh and did we mention it has 1/2 the sugar and twice the protein as the leading granolas?! If you aren't familiar with muesli, you are not alone! Check out this page to learn all about it! And if you are looking for inspiration or preparation tips, we have plenty of that to. Here is a tip for every day of the week:

1. Simply pour on milk (or almond milk) and enjoy!

2. Keep warm with hot muesli!

3. Try it soaked to really unlock the flavor and nutrition!

4. Enhance your favorite pancakes!

5. Fresh baked cookies, anyone?! 

6. Last but not least, impress your house guests with a muesli coffee cake!

However you prepare it, we sincerely hope that it becomes part of a mindful morning routine! Oh and we'd love to hear your feedback and ideas. Feel free to contact me at!


Hannah Barnstable
Hannah Barnstable