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Becoming Mom.

Posted by Molly Goodearle on
Becoming Mom.

Today we're giving Super Mom and Founder, Hannah, a break (best Mother's Day gift, no?) Instead, I, Molly, Seven Sundays' Marketing Manager and new Mom, am taking over to share in my experience of #becomingMom. 

Just six months ago on a chilly late October night, we bundled our newborn baby Grace and strapped her snuggly into the car seat to take her home. On the hour long ride back from the birth center, I grew supersonic Mom ears, listening for every coo and sigh, ensuring that our baby girl was still, in fact, alive and breathing. Now, six months later, life has never been sweeter or more exhausting, and I wouldn't have it any other way.

Here are 5 things, among a million, I've learned as a new Mom.

1. Embrace the New Normal

During the first few months of Motherhood, I found myself feeling frustrated and disappointed when I couldn't accomplish the same amount in a day that I could pre-baby. It took a while for me to not only accept that my "old life" was gone, but to joyfully and willingly embrace our new reality. What we lose in sleep, free time, and autonomy, we gain in love, belonging, purpose, and joy. No amount of productivity feels as wonderful as making your baby giggle or being her safe space to snuggle.

2. Intuition > Google

Did I Google everything you can possibly Google about raising children in the first six weeks? Yes. Yes I did. And while I picked up helpful bits of knowledge here and there, it was drowning my intuition. Sometimes parenting just takes good old common sense - or at least your own version of common sense that works for you and your child.

3. Letting Go

In parenting, expectations are constantly crushed by reality, which has proven challenging for my type-A personality. My husband often reminds me of this equation: Event plus response equals outcome. In many cases, you can't predict how a baby will act (the event), but you can control your own response, which influences the outcome. I'm working on patience and understanding as my response vs. emotion-based reactions. 

4. They're Always Watching

Even though our baby Grace is only six months old, her eyes are constantly on us, soaking in our every action and emotion like a sponge. We can use every educational toy or strategy out there, but little ones are learning the most through observation. On the one hand, it encourages and pushes me to be the best version of myself each day, knowing that I am her example. The little habits count! On the other hand, I'm embracing my own humanity, knowing that I am far from perfect, and she needs to know that. I want her to see me actively own and apologize for my mistakes, embrace forgiveness, and try again tomorrow to do better. 

5. Mama Needs Her Own Thing

Moms are truly incredible and shoulder an insane amount of both physical and emotional labor. I think it's important, as a Mom, to take a sliver out of my day or week to do something I'm passionate about. For me, it's baking sourdough bread. Not only does it bring me joy, but it exemplifies hobby and purpose to my child. They should see us doing something we love so that they cultivate the same sense of purpose as they grow!

A special shoutout to the muesli that has kept me nourished through sleepy eyed mornings. I have eaten a giant bowl of overnight soaked Early Riser almost every morning these last six months, and it is the best (read: only) way to start each day. 

Happy Mother's Day to all. You are amazing. -Molly 

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