We're Now at COSTCO Midwest!

Dear Midwest Friends!! 

We are super excited to share with you that we are now a part of the Costco family. At select Midwest locations you can find 2 pound bags of our Blueberry Chia Buckwheat muesli. That's 18 servings of a delicious, healthy and locally made breakfast cereal. Did we mention it has 1/2 the sugar and twice the protein as the leading granolas?  

And what do we mean by local? Our buckwheat is grown organically in Minnesota, our blueberries are grown in Michigan, our oats are grown in Canada and we mix and pack it in Minnesota for the freshest, tastiest breakfast cereal on the market! 


You can find us at the following Costco stores across the Midwest:

1. ALL Minnesota locations

2. Select Wisconsin locations, including:

- Middleton
- Sun Prairie
- Bellevue 
- Grand Chute

3. Select Illinois locations, including:

- Glenview
- Lincoln Park 
- Oak Brook
- South Loop

If you aren't familiar with muesli, you are not alone! Check out this page to learn all about it! 


Now what to do with all that muesli?

1. Simply pour on milk and enjoy!

2. Keep warm with hot muesli!

3. Try it soaked to really unlock the nutrition!

4. Bake some scones!

5. Enhance your favorite pancakes!

6. Fresh baked cookies, anyone?! 

7. Impress your house guests with a blueberry muesli bread!

However you prepare it, we sincerely hope that it becomes part of a mindful morning routine! Oh and we'd love to hear your feedback and ideas. Feel free to contact me at info@sevensundays.com!


Seven Sundays
Seven Sundays