Caramelized Campfire (or Grilled) Flapjacks

It’s a fact that food always tastes better when you are camping. Examples: instant coffee, ramen noodles and Jiffy Pop – all items I’ve had and admittedly loved growing up back-country camping and not one of them would I attempt at home. There are times, however, when you just discover something amazing (and amazingly simple) while out in the woods that you wouldn’t have thought to try at home.

This weekend while doing a little family camping in Frontenac State Park near Red Wing, MN, we “discovered” an easy method of making flapjacks over the campfire and immediately started brainstorming how we could replicate the fluffy, caramelized and chewy texture at home. Over the grill, perhaps? If you don’t have camping plans in the near future, try them on the grill and let us know how it goes!

10 Steps to Caramelized Campfire Flapjacks

  1. Grab an open bag of good quality “just add water” pancake mix (we love Birch Benders Classic Recipe) – we had about 1 cup mix remaining in our bag.
  2. Add muesli (we like a ratio of muesli to pancake mix of about 1:2) and a handful of blueberries or other wild berries you may find while camping. Reseal and store the bag for your trip.
  3. In the morning, get a cast iron skillet hot over the fire pit (this took us about 10 minutes).
  4. In the meantime, add water to the pancake mix bag until it is very thick but pourable (no need to mess with measuring cups when you’re in the woods).
  5. Add a generous pat of butter to the hot skillet, swirl it around to cover the pan
  6. Pour the batter out of the bag to form pancakes (note at this point we had to remove the skillet from the campfire for a few minutes so the butter didn’t burn).
  7. Cook the pancakes on each side until golden or dark brown (it won’t take long!) and remove the skillet from the heat.
  8. While the pancakes are still in the skillet and the skillet is still hot, add a little bit more butter and drizzle pure maple syrup over top. Some of the maple syrup will soak into the pancakes and some will spill over the sides and sizzle with the heat.
  9. Slide the pancakes around so the bottoms get covered in the sizzling maple syrup and let sit a few minutes.
  10. Cut the pancakes up into wedges or large bites and enjoy them right out of the pan (no utensils required).

Enjoy your morning,


Hannah Barnstable
Hannah Barnstable