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The Ultimate Mother's Day Gift

Posted by Hannah Barnstable on
The Ultimate Mother's Day Gift

If we know anything about moms, it’s that they all miss that chapter in their lives when they were free to sleep in, lounge around, and savor leisurely mornings. And while she would never trade her bundle(s) of joy for lazy mornings, we think she would appreciate having one more – just for old times’ sake. Here’s our five-step guide to the ultimate Mother’s Day gift: Breakfast in Bed. 

  1. Serve Something Sweet

Keep it simple. There’s no need to stress over a new, complicated recipe. We suggest some soaked muesli with fresh fruit, a small cup of chilled juice, and a hot cup of coffee (filled ¾ full, nobody wants coffee-stained sheets). Or if you have more time, this baked muesli recipe. Extra points for her favorite pastry – make sure to pick it up the day before. Prep should be easy, simple, and so quiet that it won’t disturb her well-earned slumber.

  1. Say Something Sweet

Breakfast in bed is all about presentation. In addition to coffee, juice, and some sweet treats, we suggest adding a few extra finishing touches. Think a small floral arrangement, a special napkin, and a simple note to let her know how much she’s loved.

  1. Give the Gift of Quiet & Solitude

Here’s a tip: Don’t rush through the bedroom door – with the kids in tow – armed with a 7am wake-up call. Let her take her time sleeping in. When she’s ready, knock quietly. Help prop up the pillows, set up her breakfast, and let her know she should take her time. Another idea? Take the kid(s) outside to give her an extra dose of added calm.

  1. But Leave Her in Good Company

Even though peace & quiet will go a long way, know that there’s only so much she can take before she’ll miss being around the ones she loves. Leave her with a copy of the Sunday paper, a few of her favorite magazines, or a new book. She’ll appreciate having something to do.

  1. Don’t Let Her Touch the Dishes

Enough said.



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