Featured Farmer - Green Valley Pecan

At Seven Sundays, we are passionate about our ingredients - where they are grown and how they are processed. When we are able to piece together the full story, we are eager to pass it along to you. That is why we are excited to share the story of our pecan supplier Green Valley Pecan Company, in Sahuarita, Arizona. 

R. Keith Walden originally acquired the Green Valley land in 1948, and the farm remains in the Walden family to this day. They are now one of the world’s largest growers and processors of pecans, boasting 250 employees and international distribution. The three generations of the Walden family have, however, have maintained the principles of a family farm, including sustainable farming practices, resource conservation and giving back to the community which has helped them flourish.

So how do the pecans go from tree to Seven Sundays? In a nut-shell, the pecans are mechanically shaken from the trees, raked into rows and harvested from the orchard. Once in the plant, the pecans are shelled, chopped, pasteurized, sorted and packaged into 30-lb boxes. The pecans are then loaded up and trucked approximately 1,600 miles to our bakery in Bloomington, Minnesota where they are mixed, toasted and packed into our Vanilla Cherry Pecan muesli.

Its great knowing where our food comes from, and even better knowing it comes from a sustainable family farm like Green Valley Pecan! 

Hannah Barnstable
Hannah Barnstable