Non-GMO Project Verified!

We are excited to announce that our Bircher muesli is now Non-GMO Project verified! If you are not familiar with Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) and why we should label them, check out the “Project."

Our other muesli products that are lightly sweetened with organic honey are still under review. Honey is a sticking point (pun intended) for the Non-GMO Project because those ornery bees can fly (and pollinate) pretty much anywhere, including land with GMO crops.

We source our honey from the rainforests of Brazil, one of the few places in the world where there is enough rainforest land to ensure the bees only pollinate on naturally occurring floral sources like eucalyptus. The difficult part is obtaining all the necessary documentation from these small beekeepers to ensure they meet all the requirements. It's cool to know that, as with our Brazil nuts, we are helping drive demand for a product that requires a healthy rainforest ecosystem to survive.

Having our honey non-GMO verified would be sweet (punny?). Until then, you can rest assured that we are using the next best thing – certified organic honey. The next step will be sourcing an organic, non-GMO, raw honey domestically, or even better - locally! The mission continues, one small step at a time!

Bee well (the pun-ctuation mark).

Hannah Barnstable
Hannah Barnstable