Pannekoeken with Muesli + Yogurt

Growing up in Minnesota, I have several fond memories of Pannekoekens, a Dutch style baked pancake. First, my best friend in elementary school was 100% Finnish and every time I’d stay over, her mom would make this amazing, fluffy and obscurely mountainous Pannekoeken crusted with cinnamon and sugar for breakfast. Then, in junior high, our home-ec class project was to learn how to make Pannekoekens. With 4 basic ingredients (butter, milk, flour and eggs), I remember making individual portions of Pannekoekens for myself on the daily for several weeks after learning (how simple it was) to make them. And finally, as a handful of people who were close to my younger self remember and painfully remind me sometimes, my dream job for a short period of time, was to be a waitress at our neighborhood Pannekoeken Haus restaurant. Why there of all places, you ask? Because each time someone ordered a Pannekoeken, the waitress would carry it out on one hand yelling “PANNEKOEKEN! PAAAAENKOEKEN!”. Just an early sign of my huge enthusiasm for food at a young age I guess.

Alright, moving on from embarrassing childhood memories and onto the most delicious, healthy and painstakingly easy twist on a Pannekoeken that you could imagine.

For this recipe, I used a 12-inch cast iron skillet, but a regular 8” square pan would work equally well (that’s what I used growing up).

Recipe: Pannekoeken with Muesli + Yogurt 

2 Tbsp butter

½ cup milk

3 eggs

½ cup flour

1 cup muesli (I used Vanilla Cherry Pecan)

½ up yogurt

Cinnamon, sugar, berries, maple syrup and/or honey for serving

Preheat oven to 400 F. Melt butter in whatever pan you are using. Whisk together the milk, eggs and flour and pour over melted butter. (Note: Do not worry that the butter all settles around the outside of the pan – this will make for a nice, buttery outside edge.) Place in the oven for 20 minutes, or until the edges have fluffed up and look just crispy. Resist any urges to open the oven during baking and instead us the oven light to watch your Pannekoeken turn into a fluffy and wavy delight. After baking, smear the center of the Pannekoeken with yogurt and sprinkle with muesli. Add other suggested toppings as you see fit. For us, it was a handful of pomegranates, a sprinkle of coconut sugar and drizzle of pure maple syrup.

Enjoy your morning,


Hannah Barnstable
Hannah Barnstable


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