New Year // New Packaging

With all that has happened in 2015 so far, we almost forgot to announce that we are launching a new package! A lot of work went into this project last Summer (which seams like ages ago), and we are really fired up to finally see it popping up on shelves! Admittedly, we are a little sad to see the old kraft boxes phase out, but like with everything in life, a time comes for change!

Our original and amazingly talented designer (Alicia Pompei // was tasked with the mission of freshening up the brand, changing from box to pouch, making it hangable, all without losing sight of the brand. Not an easy task. She worked hand-in-hand with us and an awesome flexible packaging supplier out of California called Innovative Packaging Solutions (IPS,  

So why were the changes made in the first place? Glad you asked!

  1. Flexibility. The primary reason to move into a pouch was that, as we grow, we need a package that can be scaled (the bag in a peak-top box was really time consuming!). It also allows us to hung on a peg (e.g. Target) or placed on a shelf.
  2. Environment. There are definite environmental benefits going from two layers to just one, and the #7 plastic is recyclable in most cities including Minneapolis (check your local jurisdiction to find out how to recycle).
  3. Cost. There were some cost savings as well that will, over time, help us reduce the cost to our customers. Our ultimate goal with our packaging and product is to maintain high integrity and quality, while also being affordable. This change is a step in the right direction!

We would love to hear your thoughts on the new package or any ideas you have to make it better. Please reach out to us We have a small but ambitions team back at 7S HQ that would be glad to talk!

Hannah Barnstable
Hannah Barnstable