The First Meal of the Day

As winter has officially arrived, we are looking back (way back) at an event we started in the Spring.  ‘Breakfast Club’ began in the hopes to bring people together to enjoy breakfast, talk about the all-too common struggles of rushed mornings (Hello, Mondays!) and share simple, but nourishing recipes that everyone will fall in love with. Austin Aho, founder of Streaming Studios, joined us for our first Breakfast Club. He captured the scenes of a morning where old friends and new friends gathered with their kiddos to enjoy the first meal of the day. His work is amazing and he does more than breakfast. But, he does breakfast well, really well.

Pour a strong cup of coffee and take a little extra time this morning to enjoy breakfast and see if you can squeeze a viewing of these videos into your morning routine. They are worth watching (and then maybe watching again).

Who knows, maybe by watching these videos, you will fall in love with your morning routines again. Because, after all, it is the first meal of the day- take good care of it.

Upgrade Breakfast 3.1 from Austin Aho on Vimeo.

Seven Sundays: Upgrade Breakfast - V02.1 from Austin Aho on Vimeo.


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Austin Samuel | Streaming Studios



Hannah Barnstable
Hannah Barnstable