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This post is at the core of what we are all about at Seven Sundayss. Jessica Murnane, the creative force behind One Part Plant has started a series called For Reals Meals. What’s For Reals Meals you ask? As Jessica puts it, “invite a handful of people you want to get to know better and cook a plant-based meal for them.” Genius, right? Intentional gatherings around a beautiful table, with a thoughtful menu, a curated collection of makers, doers, creatives, chefs, florists, artists, writers, purveyors sharing conversation. It is the core of why we do what we do and we were fortunate enough to be a part of the recent For Reals Meals hosted by Kelly Marie Thompson of Fleur Inc.  You guys, she’s amazing. The flowers, the backyard, the everything. Not only was she willing to host, but Kelly was totally game for making muesli a big part of the meal, and for that we fell even more in love. Are we done yet? Not quite. Owen + Alchemy, the new juice bar to hit Chicago, just so happened to join in on the fun and supply fresh juice and almond milk. When our muesli meets real, fresh nut milk, it’s out of this world. (The ladies behind Owen + Alchemy and One Part Plant happened to be good friends, makes sense, right? Chicago is making waves on the cool front, and we are pretty darn lucky to have shared breakfast with the people in the mix). 

We are not writers, so we will let the pictures do the talking. Oh, and let us mention, Jaclyn Simpson photographed the entire brunch. She will take you through the visual recap. Sit back and enjoy!

All images: Jaclyn Simpson Photography 

Flowers: Fleur Chicago 

Almond Milk/Juice: Owen + Alchemy 

One Part Plant: For Reals Meals Hosted by Kelly Marie Thompson

P.S. Now, go on an follow all the crazy amazing people involved with this brunch!

Hannah Barnstable
Hannah Barnstable