Bachelor Breakfast

Every once in great while, the stars aline and you find yourself with no one to fend for but yourself on a Saturday morning. Let’s be real – of course we miss our family when they are gone, but these moments are few and far between and should be cherished. I had stayed up too late eating pizza, homemade ice cream and watching Mad Men on Netflix (which usually inspires at least one Gin & Tonic), so sleeping in until 9 was essential.

Without Hannah, our grocery stock had deminished, so I had little to work with for breakfast. Luckily, my bachelor survival instincts are still strong and family traditions run deep. Insert Egg-in-the-Hole – the perfect bachelor breakfast. This recipe was handed down from Grandma Hill to my dad and that makes it special, despite the super simple ingredients and preparation.

It takes time to master ‘the flip’ (my dad is still the best at it) but the key is making sure you do NOT overcook the eggs. After you take the first bite of fried bread dipped in yolk, you will understand why. Add some fresh veggies on the side (in this case – arugula and tomatos from the garden), and you might even call this a healthy / gourmet breakfast! If Hannah was here, she would have tried to get me to use coconut oil instead of butter, but who am I to mess with tradition, and sometimes you need a little grease to get you going.

Enjoy! – Brady



Serves 2 (or in my case 1)
• 2 Eggs
• 2 slices hearty bread
• A good amount of butter
• A pinch salt and pepper to taste

Butter both sides of the bread. Cut a circle out of the middle. Pre-heat frying pan on medium heat. Place bread in pan and put a small dollup of butter in the whole to keep the egg from sticking. Crack egg and pour into the hole. Season with salt & pepper to taste. Wait just long enough for the egg to turn white and the bread to toast (you can use the small circular centerpiece as a guide). Carefully flip the bread so that the yolk does not break. Fry the egg for another 1-2 minutes. Serve with fresh salad and veggies.

Hannah Barnstable
Hannah Barnstable