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Here at Seven Sundays, we are lovers of this place we call home. In between slinging muesli, hanging out at local races and demoing at all our favorite local markets, team Seven Sundays is grateful (and pretty obsessed) with the local biz scene in Minneapolis.

And while you won’t see us rushing out of the house on Black Friday (we were still knee deep in holiday relaxation and slow mornings with our family), we love everything that Small Business Saturday is about. So, we have compiled a list of our favorites. This is just a start, we could talk for days on the local shops that have won us over. And, you will most likely notice that most of our picks are located in close (very close) proximity to some of our favorite restaurants. That is no conincidence. So, if you can peel yourself away from the morning paper, your cup of coffee and that leftover turkey sandwich you made for breakfast (no judgment here), don’t hesitate to grab a bite, a cup of coffee or nosh at one of the local food stops when you’re out shopping with the family. Tis the season, right?

Without further ado, here are our picks. Please jump in and comment with your favorites. Don’t live in Minneapolis? Shout out your favorite small shops, we’d love to visit next time we’re in town.

1. The Foundry Home Goods - For that person on your list who not only loves to host, but is pretty amazing at it. A beautiful hand-made mortar and pestle? The Foundry stocks it. That perfect water vase for your overnight house guests? They have you covered. They will be ready for you on Saturday with cider, treats and special giveaways.

2. Forage Modern Workshop - For that person on your list who knows how to wear Red Wing Boots and flannel and wants to know who made their furniture. We’re so obsessed with them, we have the cardboard envelope they pack their prints in on our desk at Seven Sundays HQ. And stop by Parka on your voyage, nothing they make is less than amazing.

3. Pharmacie - They aren’t messing around this Small Business Saturday, grown up beverages and snacks are served from 6-9 PM. Now the hard part will be not to fall in love with everything they have going on in their shop. Oh, and grab a late lunch, or late dinner at World Street Kitchen next door. We weren’t kidding when we said we like our small shops with killer eats nearby.

4. Spruce Flowers - For the person on your list who always has fresh flowers in their home. Spruce knows that person inside and out and curates home goods, candles and jewelry that your mother-in-law, boss’ wife, kiddo’s teacher and/or yoga instructor will fall in love with. Not to mention the classes they host at their “Flower Bar.”

5. Tangletown- Take the fam to a late brunch at Wise Acres Eatery , fall in love with every succulent, potted plant, foliage in the room and then head across the street to Tangletown and pick up all that you fell in love with. Then browse for that perfect gift for your green thumb cousin or read up on membership for next summer’s CSA for your better half (aka you want to be a member next year).

6. MartinPatrick3 - Before we begin, grab coffee at Moose & Sadie’s. Sip and enjoy, then head over to MartinPatrick3. Now for our gift recommendations, for the guy in your life who has serious style (or needs serious help), the crew at MartinPatrick3 will set you up. From Archie Grand notebooks to that Filson oil jacket, MP3 is curating well-made products. But really, that Filson jacket….

7. Honeyshine - For that person in your life who love Minneapolis as much as we do. Honeyshine has spot-on branded glassware for your favorite Minneapolitan, an extensive selection of fine candles and the list goes on. Stop by for a visit, let the kids play next door at the famed Wild Rumpus and grab a bite at Tilia, or Harriet Brassiere.

8. Mill City Running - For that person in your life who thinks about running, dreams about running, or is that crazy yahoo who braves the frozen tundra on that -20 day for a few miles on the pavement. The duo behind Mill City Running has created a community of runners and dreamers in North East. They know their stuff, just ask them about Newton running shoes and try not to walk out of their with a pair for yourself. And, if you are a family who’s willing to make a trek for a good cup of coffee, check out the new Spyhouse in NE, it’s just around the bend (ish). And- it is awesome. Just make sure this is your last stop, because once you walk in, the wood and aroma will suck you in.

9. Retro Rehab - For that person in your life who is far too cool for a run-of-the-mill table, desk or lamp. The founders call it “Vintage finds for mid century furniture addicts,” and they are not lying. They are good at what they do. Best part about it, you don’t have to leave the comfort of your house. Head to their Facebook page and check their current inventory. Like what you see? Give them a call and be sure to tell them Seven Sundays sent you.

10. Handsome Cycles - For that person on your list who needs a new set of wheels to cruise around town. And, as far as we are concerned, everyone in the 612 needs a ‘Ride like you’re from Minneapolis’ t-shirt. Our Chief Sustainer can attest to their messenger bag and our Chief Purveyor and Pedlar swear by their leather-bound journals. After you get your wheels tricked out, grab a beer & a burger at Haute Dish, or if it’s sunny and brisk take a walk along the river.

11. Prime & Polish - We’re lucky to know some cool people in this city who are doing great work, Prime & Polish is one of them. First and foremost they are promising, treats, sales and mimosas on Saturday from 10Am- 7PM. So, run don’t walk to Prime & Polish this Saturday. And – to be completely honest – the American-made throws by Happy Habitat, are for anyone on your list. Is that a Minnesota thing- to think good, we mean good blankets (Pendleton, Fairbault Woolen Mill, Happy Habitat) are always gift appropriate?

12. Peace Coffee - For every person on your list, every house that is hosting you over a long holiday weekend and every brave soul who is throwing a holiday party: Coffee. Good coffee. From a good company. In a way, you are giving the gift of a good morning.

P.S. The best part about our gift guide of sorts, it doesn’t just apply to this Saturday. Go wild folks. These small shops are making stuff happen all year round.


Enjoy your morning,

Hannah Barnstable
Hannah Barnstable