Swiss-Soaked with a Strawberry Swirl

After a brief and peculiar spring (snow in May – really?) we’re finally seeing blue skies and long, sunny days. Plus it’s strawberry season. Do you know what that means? An overnight swiss-soak and fresh strawberry puree. Our swiss-soak method of enjoying Seven Sundays was inspired by the first version of muesli.

Created more than 100 years ago by Swiss doctor Maximillian Bircher-Benner as a preventative method of fighting disease, the first muesli was almost always soaked overnight using condensed milk or apple juice (this was pre-refrigeration). We updated this version with some plain yogurt, but you can also use fruit juice or milk.

We used our original formula — packed with whole-grain oats, raisins, flax seeds, and almonds — and mixed it with a fresh cup of tangy yogurt. (Bircher blend is a perfect substitute, too!) Then we pureed our batch of fresh, juicy strawberries in a blender. Now the hard part will be waiting until tomorrow morning to dig into this tasty summer treat.


Mix equal parts yogurt (or substitute) and Seven Sundays Muesli
Let it soak in the refrigerator for a few hours or overnight
Puree strawberries in food processor or blender
Drizzle into the swiss-soak once you’re ready to enjoy!
Optional: Add a splash of milk or almond milk when you’re done soaking

Enjoy your morning,

Hannah Barnstable
Hannah Barnstable