Notice Something Different?

If you are a diligent Seven Sundays muesli fan, you may have already noticed our new packages popping up on shelves. Yep, that’s right, we have a new look! Well, actually, there are a few changes that we are super excited to tell you about – a new package, more allergy-friendly recipes and lower prices!

Admittedly, we had a lot of mixed emotions here at Seven Sundays when we decided to part ways with our kraft tin-tie bags in favor of our new box. We had grown to love the bags! But once we saw the finished boxes, we knew we’d done the right thing and are super excited about the changes! The primary reason for our decision to switch packaging was so that we could naturally preserve the freshness of our mueslis. Remember, our mueslis do not have any preservatives added to them, so in order to keep our fruits, nuts, seeds and grains fresh until they reach your cereal bowl, we need an airtight package. Some other benefits to the new box? We can give you more information, like important nutritional facts and preparation ideas. Also, it is more economical, so you save money while getting the same amount of delicious muesli. And finally, it is environmentally friendly! Aside from the fact that it helps to naturally preserve the muesli longer resulting in less food waste, the box is made from unbleached and uncoated materials and is 100% recyclable.

Since we first started selling Seven Sundays muesli about 9 months ago, we’ve been diligently listening to our customers. We are constantly in the stores doing demos, at farmers markets, and soliciting feedback on our website. Based on what we heard, we wanted to make our mueslis more allergy-friendly. So we decided to remove the wheat germ in the recipes so that all our mueslis are wheat-free. Additionally, our Vanilla Cherry Pecan muesli is now made with just oats (vs. oats, rye and barley in the other mixes) so it is naturally gluten-free. Our hope is that more people can enjoy our mueslis!

Finally, we were determined to make our muesli more affordable without using the typical “big food company strategies” (i.e., reducing the weight per package, substituting cheaper ingredients, etc.), and we succeeded! With the addition of new stores, we were able to increase our scale and buy more ingredients in bulk, direct from the source, saving on transportation costs and other mark ups. Our new package also helped reduce costs. We happily pass these savings onto you!

We are so grateful to all our loyal customers who have helped us introduce Seven Sundays muesli. Our dream of shaking up the processed breakfast market by providing healthy, nutritious, and all natural tasty muesli continues!

If you have any comments or questions regarding our recent changes, please contact us using the form on our website and we will get back to you right away.

Enjoy your morning,

Hannah Barnstable
Hannah Barnstable