Simpler (Commute) is Always Better

When I decided to quit my job and start Seven Sundays, I had a vision for a simpler way of life. After scoping out a few downsized apartments in Brooklyn that we could almost afford on one salary, we decided it would make more sense to move back “home” to Minneapolis. Brady was able to keep his job and transfer offices, and I set out to change breakfast.

Related to the “simpler life” plan, we decided that we could get by with one car – after all, we hadn’t had a car in over 10 years. And so, for my 30th birthday, Brady gifted me with a beautiful old 1970s Raleigh bike and trailer, and this is what I used to commute to and from the rented kitchen space and grocery stores around town to deliver my homemade muesli. This is how I rolled until the muesli loads got too big (and so did my pregnant belly) at the end of our first year in business.

I rarely, if ever, recount that time or my bike when I tell the story of the early days of Seven Sundays. But now that I think about it, it is important. It represents our core brand values – less is more, simpler is better in all things in life, and especially in the food that we eat and serve to our families. I am not an avid bike rider, but I enjoy the simplicity of using my bike to commute to the office, the grocery store or out to dinner as often as I can.

This week is National Bike to Work Week. If you are fortunate enough to live in a bike-friendly city, I encourage you to start your day in the fresh air on a bike, instead of inside a car, and end your day breezing past road construction traffic on the way home. I plan to take my old Raleigh as often as possible.

For you two-wheel commuters in Minneapolis this week, keep your eye out for special breakfast treats that we will be tying onto bikes all around town.

Enjoy your morning,



Hannah Barnstable
Hannah Barnstable