From the Fans: 10 Ways to Rise & Shine

From the Fans: 10 Ways to Rise & Shine

Posted by Hannah Barnstable on

20 second breakfast: Pour a big splash of cold milk on top

Recipe: @spoonful_of_sam

Simple smoothie topper

Recipe: @simplybalancedwithtati

4-ingredient Grain Free Breakfast Bars... yes please!

Recipe: @laurenliveswell

A perfect weekend breakfast: Grain Free Berry Banana Crumble

Recipe: @lauraleabalanced

Simple + filling: pour over your go-to yogurt

Recipe: @thathappilyashley

Sprinkle over pancakes for added crunch + flavor!

Recipe: @avocadofuel

Or over ice cream... breakfast for dessert!

Recipe: @minyoeats

How many is too many grain free Rise & Shine cookies?!

Recipe: @wholesomely_hannah

A perfectly layered Protein Chia Pudding Parfait

Recipe: @the_veganhousewife

The perfect snack any time of day: Apple Nachos with Rise & Shine!

Recipe: @everydaywinns



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