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The First Meal Of The Day

As winter has officially arrived, we are looking back (way back) at an event we started in the Spring.  ‘Breakfast Club’ began in the hopes to bring people together to enjoy breakfast, talk about the all-too common struggles of rushed mornings … Continue reading

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Find Your North

A friend of mine, and fellow entrepreneur, recently gave me a piece of advice – “Find Your North.” He was relating it to staying focused on your true mission during the rollercoaster ride of small-businesshood, or life in general. It’s … Continue reading

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One Part Plant | For Reals Meals

This post is at the core of what we are all about at Seven Sundayss. Jessica Murnane, the creative force behind One Part Plant has started a series called For Reals Meals. What’s For Reals Meals you ask? As Jessica puts … Continue reading

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Bachelor Breakfast | Egg-in-the-Hole

Every once in great while, the stars aline and you find yourself with no one to fend for but yourself on a Saturday morning. Let’s be real – of course we miss our family when they are gone, but these … Continue reading

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Smoothie Sunday

I’d say we really aren’t a smoothie family.  Brady and I went through a smoothie phase in New York that lasted the better part of a year, but nowadays, I prefer a sit down morning meal that requires chewing and … Continue reading

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In Season

Tis the season for juicy fruits, green vegetables and outdoor parties. That’s right folks, the holiday weekend is upon us. We have dreams of  al fresco dinners, good company and fresh fruit crisps that turn into breakfast the next morning. … Continue reading

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The Breakfast Club

The thing about starting a food company is that you work really hard. Which is alright with me because I come from a family of entrepreneurs so hard work is in my blood. So naturally, I am a firm believer … Continue reading

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WFM Announcement Photo

Whole Foods Market – A Midwest Milestone

In The New Midwestern Table Amy Thielen says it best, “the immensity and flatness are part of its charm, its severe weather a main character in the greater drama. The views are long, the winters cold, the summers hot, and the … Continue reading

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Dark Chocolate Rye Waffles with Strawberries & Cream

I am pretty excited because I got to spend the last few days in New York and have a few more trips planned in the coming months.  New York inspires me, it always has.  After all, it was while living … Continue reading

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Campfire Stories

Summer is simply a whole new way of living in Minnesota. After the long cold winter, we feel born again. If I could remember those first steps as a child, I imagine it would be a similar sense of excitement … Continue reading

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