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February 2014: Star Tribune

Hannah Barnstable is determined to achieve what shouldn’t even be possible — bootstrap a new breakfast cereal company.  She has jumped into a nearly $10 billion-a-year business in the United States that is dominated by just a handful of players, the…Read More →

January 2014: Food Export 

Seven Sundays Finds Success at Natural Products Expo West Thanks to the Branded Program. Seven Sundays, located in Minneapolis, Minnesota, in the 5th Congressional District, exhibited at the Natural Products Expo West tradeshow in March 2013, with assistance from the Branded Program.

December 2013: Charmingly Styled 

After stuffing my face with, well,  lots and lots of stuffing – my body is crying for something healthy to balance all the butter I’ve consumed {#totallyworthit}. Luckily, the lovely people over at Seven Sundays sent over their tasty & healthy muesli to try out…Read More →

November 2013: Heart of a Blonde

I really love this company’s branding, mission, and inspiration. Thank you Seven Sundays for sending me your delicious muesli! No matter where you live, you can order Seven Sundays here….Read More →


June 2013: Minneapolis Running

On a cold Minnesota morning there’s nothing quite as delightful as a hot bowl of oatmeal with fruit and brown sugar. In the summertime, a hot bowl of anything is less desirable. This time of year, I switch to cold cereals. Recently, I’ve discovered something much better…..Read More →

May 2013: Fit Foodie Finds

You wouldn’t know it, but Minneapolis has an amazing foodie scene. Lots of Minnesota based restaurants and bars and even food brands. Caribou was born in the Twin Cities and so was General Mills and Target. The list goes on and on and on.  Us Minnesotans, like to support local….Read More →

April 2013: Baking with Honey

Prior to founding Seven Sundays with her husband Brady, Hannah Barnstable spent seven years at an investment bank working on mergers and acquisitions for food and consumer companies in Chicago…Read More →

March 2013: Tom’s Foodie Blog

The Natural Products Expo in Anaheim just wrapped up this past weekend and I came home with a new understanding of natural food trends about to hit the market. The Natural Products Expo is the world’s largest trade show for natural, organic and healthy food products…Read More →

January 2013: Women & Co.

It’s not uncommon for women to re-think their diets during pregnancy. Once they start “eating for two” they tend to shun chemicals, pesticides, and yes, their daily Diet Coke! In fact, a survey from the Hartman Group, a nutrition-trends think tank in Bellevue, Wash., revealed that having children is the most significant trigger…Read More →

January 2013: Living Learning Eating

Hannah and Brady, the founders of Seven Sundays, were inspired by the active, sustainable lifestyles of the Kiwi during a vacation to New Zealand. Muesli is a popular breakfast in New Zealand, so the breakfast-loving couple decided to give US breakfasts a facelift by making their own hearty, gourmet muesli….Read More →

January 2013: NY Specialty Grocery Examiner

The Seven Sundays Every Day Muesli is inspired by the homemade toasted muesli of New Zealand (after the founders took a trip to the distant land). It is a fresh, all-natural cereal made in small batches with 14 healthy ingredients including grains, nuts, seeds and dried fruits…Read More →

December 2012: The Six O’Clock Scramble

I love granola, but usually it is so high in sugar and calories that it’s better suited to be a dessert than a healthy meal. That’s why I’m so excited to have found, and to share with you, Seven Sundays Muesli. Like granola, muesli, a popular cereal in Europe, is a balanced combination of all-natural grains, nuts, seeds and dried fruits…Read More →

October 2012: Mpls St Paul Magazine

You know, it can be very fun to say: muesli . . . myooo-zlee. Introduced in the 1900s by Swiss doctor Maximilian Bircher-Benner (also fun to say), this breakfast of uncooked rolled oats, fruits, seeds, and nuts has heretofore been branded as hippie food, never quite achieving granola’s scruffy-sexy status. Well, that might soon change…Read More →

October 2012: 5 Natural Foods Following the Wholegrarian Trend

Muesli never looked so good. Seven Sundays dresses up this original health food with fun and tasty flavors. Our favorite is the Ginger Pear Macadamia with whole nuts and dried pear pieces. Vanilla Cherry Pecan is a close runner up…Read More →

October 2012: Nutrient Dense and Delicious Foods from Expo East

One of today’s hottest food industry trends? Wholegrarian nutrition, or getting back to what grandma used to eat. Food Editor Kelsey Blackwell joins Caren Baginski, senior editor of newhope360, to chat about the throwback trend at Natural Products Expo East 2012….Read More →

September 2012: Mother Nature Network

Muesli looks like granola, but it’s not. What is this combination of nuts, grains, dried fruits and seeds and how can you fit it into your diet? At the Natural Products Expo East last week, I was introduced to two brands of muesli. The first product I tried was from Seven Sundays.… Read More →

September 2012: Natural Products Expo East

Who says muesli is past its prime? If the grain, seed and berry blends remind you of the food grandma used to eat, let Seven Sundays change expand your perception. Owners Hannah and Brady are taking muesli to new heights… Read More →

 July 2012: Does Mommy Love It?

Muesli. It’s a word I’ve long associated with my grandmother. I’ve been perfectly content to stick with my trusty granola & all of the recipes I use it in. Imagine my surprise when I came across Seven Sundays, an all natural gourmet muesli brand, and actually loved it! Seven Sundays is…Read More →

June 2012: The Heavy Table

If you want proof that we’re living in a seriously interconnected world, just check out Seven Sundays Muesli. Its creator and driving force, Hannah Barnstable, was inspired to do a high-quality muesli while honeymooning in New Zealand. Her business chops…
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June 2012: It’s As Simple As That

Muesli is a popular breakfast cereal that is predominately made up of rolled oats, fruits, nuts, seeds, and flakes (wheat, barley, and rye). More popular in Europe than in the US, muesli is often confused with granola, another healthy breakfast cereal. Whereas muesli and granola share many qualities… Read More →

April 2012: Pioneer Press

Seven Sundays makes four flavors of gourmet muesli (cereal): Original, Ginger Pear Macadamia, Vanilla Cherry Pecan and Bircher (unsweetened). Muesli was invented over 100 years ago by Swiss nutritionist Maximilian Bircher-Benner, who believed diet was essential…
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March 2012: Lakewinds newsletter

Bountiful Breakfast Foods: Muesli French Toast Sticks

This recipe was given to us by Hannah Barnstable, creator of Seven Sundays Muesli, which is made right here in Minnesota and we are happy to now carry at Lakewinds. This recipe adds a little healthy delicious goodness to traditional French toast…
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February 2012: Star Tribune Taste section

When Hannah Barnstable visited New Zealand, she fell in love with muesli, a chewy breakfast mix of grains, nuts, seeds and dried fruit. She returned to her job as an investment banker in New York City, but it wasn’t the same …
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January 2012: The

The dried fruits used in these blends contain no sulfites. The oats, rye, raisins, flax seed, sunflower seeds, currants and vanilla powder used are organic. The Bircher Muesli (per 1/2 cup: 250 calories, 100 fat calories, 7 g sugars, 20 mg sodium) is unsweetened…
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